Monday, January 09, 2012

Short stories for my 2-year old daughter

My 2 year old daughter keeps asking me for new stories every night before going to bed. I have used up most of the kid stories that I remember, and now have started inventing my own stories based on other stories that I read. She has been listening to my adaptations of Tintin, especially Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon.

My stories are really a set of statements, mostly less than 10 and simple. She really enjoys these stories and sometimes repeats to me/her mother. My latest story is inspired from Tom & Jerry, and the Lion & Mouse story.
1. Tom is chasing Jerry because he is hungry.
2. After running around for some time, Tom manages to catch Jerry.
3. Jerry begs to leave him, and offers a piece of cheese that he has at his home.
4. Tom agrees, and follows Jerry to his house.
5. Tom sees that Jerry has a small kid.
6. Tom is a nice cat, so he lets Jerry go and asks him to give the cheese to his kid rather.

My daughter really enjoys this story - especially since she likes cats and cheese :)

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  1. why don't you introduce her to H2G2? :D

  2. Over time! However "all time is relative, lunch time doubly so"...