Friday, November 07, 2014

Eating the Fun Way!!!!

Few days back Prakruti didn’t want to eat… and I came up with this story…..

Gods don’t eat by themselves, when we eat, each piece is for one God and when everyone eats Gods get their tummy full….

The first piece is always for Hathi jeje (Elephant God or Ganesha). Once Ganesha ate, he said my brother is also hungry eat one piece for him also.. So the next piece is for Muruga jeje. After eating his share he said, all my strength is from my mom so eat for her also.. And the next one is for Parvathi jeje.. Parvathi jeje said this after she ate: “You ate for me… please eat for my friends Saraswati jeje and Lakshmi jeje as well. Once Saraswati jeje ate her share she said… “please eat for my husband also…” Lakshmi jeje wants you to eat for Vishnu jeje…. Brahma jeje says, “ eat for my son Narada… please” Brahma and Vishnu want you to eat for their very good friend… Shiva jeje….

With this her pappu mammam (dal rice) was over… I will probably add valli deivanai and other Gods if she has to eat some more…

For perugannam (curd rice)

The different avatars of Vishnu were hungry and they ate… J

When she was chewing the food, I also added small stories regarding each jeje… 

She loves this story and wants me to tell this for each meal... If I can't tell it, she tells the story by herself and eats... The best part is she finishes her lunch/dinner very fast

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yelagiri - Zeenath Taj Gardens - Drive from Bangalore to Yelagiri - March 2014

We were looking for relaxing trip a short drive from Bangalore for a day or 2. Considered Yelagiri/Yercaud. We were worried that Yelagiri might be hotter than Bangalore, and may not be worth the trip. But it was good! 

The drive was very nice (mostly) - Slow traffic in Bangalore city (took us 1 hour to reach E-city flyover from Banaswadi) on a Saturday morning - and again really horrible traffic in Hosur (because of ongoing flyover constructions). 

The resort - We had really low expectations of resorts/hotels in Yelagiri (based on friends' feedbacks). However, we were pleasantly surprised with what we saw at Zeenath Taj Gardens! The place is beautiful, trees, and cottages, lots of place to loiter, and basically wonderful to relax! Staff were excellent - amazingly courteous - special thanks to Mr Ayas (i hope that is the correct spelling) who seemed to have the whole place in control single-handedly! Vegetarian food was also pretty comfortable. 

The grounds are maintained very well, but the rooms can be given a bit more attention. Understand that the resort is next to the forest - lots of trees around - there are lots of insects - spiders, ants, etc. who shared the room with us. I was not completely happy with this, but, I think they can't do too much about this... 

Children's play area is terrible - not maintained at all - broken equipment... this was a disappointment because our 4-year old didn't have much to do, other than laze around with us. However, they provide badminton racquets and shuttlecocks, a decent table tennis board, carrom, chess for slightly bigger kids & adults, which is good. 

I don't think there is too much about location in Yelagiri, it is a small town, everything (the 2-3 things there) is easily accessible. This resort has no views to talk about - the only one being garden view (which is nice, but you can't really enjoy people looking into your room from the garden). 

Overall, I enjoyed the experience - served my purpose= short drive + relaxing stay... However, I feel the charges are a bit steep - ~2500 per room (minimum) + ~550 per head for food (breakfast + lunch + dinner) + extra for tea/coffee/milk. I am not sure it is value for money. Nothing major to complain about, but at a slightly lower price would have been good!