Sunday, January 08, 2012

Laziness and Task Management

Managing my tasks has been one of the most difficult tasks! After a lot of advice from family and friends, I have started maintaining a single list of all my tasks. When I was using a single laptop with MS Outlook, I used the inbuilt task list. Now that I no longer have Outlook on my laptop (I work for IBM, and we use Lotus Notes as our email tool), I was looking for a better tool (preferably on the web). I didn't like the Lotus Notes version of task management, primarily because launching Lotus Notes is a task in itself (with a start date and end date) :)
I was therefore trying out a variety of tools on the web.

Gmail Tasks
I started with Gmail Tasks. This was great because, it was integrated into Gmail. I liked it also because I didn't have to do much in terms of clicking; tasks and subtasks could be created using just the keyboard. However, I wanted slightly more detailed options - especially for reminders, start date, due date, and the UI was not so intuitive for that.
I then tried TaskAnt. I liked it, but, the UI was too detailed. Needed something more simplistic. 
Next was TeuxDeux. This was just the opposite of TaskAnt. I really liked the minimalist interface. Just the way you use a diary - a day-by-day view of your tasks. You could move your tasks across dates with simple drag-drop operations. The problem was that it was too minimalistic: no reminders, no sync with GCal, etc. 
I then tried TodoLy. This seemed to be good. Everything that I wanted: some detail, reminders, etc.. But, I had trouble synchronizing. It used to always revert to the default list of example tasks. This was not a great example for a good intuitive UI.
Finally, I found what I wanted: I Do It. This works great. Email/GCal integration, ability to categorize by projects, contexts and tags. Good reminder system, and synchronizes quite quickly. It also has a desktop version, and desktop shortcuts that help me quickly add tasks without loading the webpage. Hopefully will stick onto this for sometime

However, I was just researching about other tools today and I found another one: Producteev. Seems to be good, will start trying it out now. More research about this on the way.


  1. This is what it seems your task list looks like:
    1. Find task management tool.
    2. See 1.

    Do you really need a tool to manage that? :p