Monday, May 12, 2008

Mindless driving

I get reminded of the story about the Monkey's Heart everytime somebody does something crazy on the road. Though in this scenario, instead of the heart, it is the mind that is hidden away safely. Bus, taxi and autorickshaw drivers keep their brains hidden somewhere and imagine (?) themselves to be the sole owners the road and nobody else.
Two incidents today:
This is what I presume goes on in the head (?) of a
1. bus driver:
OK. I am on the right most lane. Looks like there is a bus stop there... OK. Should I stop the bus or not. OK.. Let me stop. OK.. No point stopping on the right most lane. So, let me switch lanes. Who cares about rear-view mirrors. OK.. There is something called a brake pedal. OK.. let's press it.. OK.. Nobody in the stand, so no use stopping. OK.. Lift up the brake pedal, push down the accelerator, turn right and shift to the rightmost lane.
2. taxi driver:
Hey, I drive a Scorpio, very powerful, and very responsive steering. It is nice to wriggle through the road (Snake style, reminded of a friend at IISc who does paambu cycling) at high speed. Who cares about other motorists on the road...

What happens to the other people who keep their brains with them till then??? Get scared, angry, and ultimately lose their mind (?).