Saturday, November 05, 2011

Car Loan hypothecation cancellation/removal in Bangalore, India

Submitted my car RC book for cancellation or removal of hypothecation at Indira Nagar RTO in Bangalore. (I had completed my car loan repayment in July). 
1. Received NOC from financier, and 2 copies of Form 35.
2. Went to Room 13 with a copy of current car insurance and the NOC, the 2 Form 35 copies, the original RC book and a self-addressed envelope (with a Rs 12 stamp). 
3. One officer (counter 9) verified the documents and sent it to another counter for data entry. 
4. After data entry, I was asked to go to the Cash counter (Room 1) to pay Rs 300 as fees (Rs 100 for cancellation of hypothecation and Rs 200 for converting my paper RC to smart card).
5. Went back to counter 9 in room 13, the same officer verified everything and sent me to counter 6. 
6. At counter 6 (Inward & Despatch), another officer verified everything, filed everything and gave me an acknowledgement that they have collected my original RC for cancellation of hypothecation and convert to smart card. 
7. I will receive my new smart card RC in about a month.

Simple process, but took me 2 visits to the RTO. (I didn't know about the insurance and the envelope the first time).

Update: I received my new smart card by post in exactly a month! 


  1. Thanks Bhargav for this 'Keep it simple silly' post. I just did my hypothecation cancellation formalities today. Thanks to your guidance on exact steps. I did not even have to speak to anyone till I got into Room 13 :).

  2. Did you receive the card in 30 days?

  3. Yes, I received the card in exactly a month.

  4. Submitted application at Indira Nagar RTO. It is very simple straight forward process, will not take more than an hour. Good thing is they are working in SATURDAY 10.00AM to 12.00AM.

    1) NOC from bank and 2 copies of Form 35.
    2) Original RC Book (It was smart card in my case)
    3) Copy of emission test certificate
    4) Copy of Insurance
    5) Self addressed stamped envelop
    6) Get a small plastic bag to put the RC smart card. This is to staple the RC along with application. This is required if you have a smart card already (not required in case of book).
    7) Stamped envelop and plastic bag (cost Rs.1)for RC is available at ground floor store.

    1) Go to Room No 13, counter 9 at 3rd floor, Indira Nagar BDA complex RTO
    2) Get the NOC and Form 35 verified.
    3) Go to Counter 1 and Pay Rs.100. (I had smart card already, not sure the fee is different if the RC is not a smart card)
    4) Come back to Room 13, counter 6 and submit the application along with the documents mentioned above and the cash payment receipt. You will get an acknowledgement.

    The RC is supposed to reach home in one month time.

  5. I received my smart card last week. How do I know if the hypothecation has been removed or not?

    1. @jrayala, I am not sure. My smart card RC doesn't mention anything about hypothecation. So, hopefully it has been removed!

  6. Is any address proof required. My present address is different from my RC book Address.

  7. Thanks, I followed yours and Willy's comments and applied for hypothecation termination successfully at Indiranagar RTO. Now waiting for the smart card.
    Some additonal useful info:
    If your vehicle is still less than 1 year old at time of hypothecation cancel, you need not submit copy of emission certificate.

    Yes address proof required.

    Also, jrayala and Bhargav,
    Status can be checked online at
    Click on Vehicle Search link on the left.

  8. Just an update to the above post:
    Now the self addressed envelope should carry Rs.17 stamp ( instead of Rs.12). But no issues, you will get this at any shop on ground floor of BDA complex. They will chare you around Rs25 for this.(though it would be 18 or 19)

  9. My registration was from Jayanagar 4ht block RTO (bangalore south) and its smart card, can i do hypothetication cancellation at other RTO, for ex: from indrangar RTO?

  10. As far as I understand, it should be done from the same RTO where registration was done.

  11. Thanks Jrayala,
    Can we get 25rs envelope (for self addressed) from post office?
    What is PUC? Is it same as emission certificate?

  12. You can get the envelope from any shop in BDA complex. PUC is same as emission certificate - Pollution Under Check.

  13. Thank you. Very helpful

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  15. The following site where we used to check the if HT cancellation status (under 'vehicle search')
    is not working anymore. This is not working from almost 2 months.

    Is there anywhere else that we can check the status if HT cancellation is updated in your Registration copy smart card.

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  17. My Registration was done form Electronic city RTO, so can i able to remove the hypothecation from Indiranagar RTO? Also Is any address proof required. My present address is different from my RC book Address, is there any issue if i mention different address in the envelope?

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  19. This blog and all the comments here were very useful when I went to get the hypothecation cancelled for my car. I have some more points which might be helpful to others who are planning on doing the same
    1) The counter which accepts the hypothecation cancellation requests is only open from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM on weekdays.
    2) After you submit all the documents with the original RC to the counter there, make sure that you get an acknowledgment slip from them which states that the original RC is with them. This will help you in case you run into any issues later.

    1. I have submitted my RC for hypothecation Removal 2 months ago, still I havent recieve yet. I am having acknowledge slip with me.Please provide me gauidence If any one have faced same issue.

    2. Yes, I hope you have not gone through broker. As we all know most of the time rto staff won't respond properly if we have gone to them without broker.

      I had the same issue where in it took almost 2 months, when I enquired them they are telling some x person name and file not recieved from that X guy, no much information further on why it is getting delay.

      I decided to meet the RTO officer. After waiting for few minutes in the office and RTO officer arrived and met him and told about the story after looking at my receipt 100/- , he instructed his peon goto the corresponding staff and asked them to issue the RC book immediately and signed on my receipt.

      Within 10 mins they processed my file and issued RC book on the spot.

      So I would suggest the same to you meet the RTO officer and get it resolved. All the best. Officer will respond to your request and they should do that. As we are legally correct and we have paid the government fees and should provide service.

      FYI, Officially it should not take more than 15 days for Hypothetication cancellation.

  20. hi how to check or from which website to check whether my hypothecation has been cancelled???

  21. you can go to bangalore one with your rc book and get an extract immediately
    at free of cost

    1. @ praveen -i too got the details from bangalore one.but in the form HPT details is blank(not mentioned anything).what its means that the HPT is cancelled or not.

  22. Information given here is very useful. I had approached the Indiranagar RTO office today for the cancellation of hypothecation of my car with all the necessary documents as suggested by Willy.
    After verifying the documents, they have asked me to get hologram of the bank(Financer) in the NOC, and refused to take the application. When I approached the Bank, they were also not aware of this requirements . I got the hologram affixed and again go to RTO office tomorrow. I shall update if there are any more requirements.

  23. I went to indiranagar RTO but they asked me to go to Electonic City RTO as my car was registered there.
    I went there on a Saturday 29 march at 1:00 pm doubting it would be closed, however I was happy to know that they operate till 2 pm
    1. Went to room no 5 with all the documents as mentioned in the above blogs. Counter was not crowded
    2. Officer there checked by docs and signed it. Gave a slip for payment to be made
    3. Went to the cash counter and paid Rs.100
    4. Went back to counter 5 and gave all the docs and the payment receipt
    5. They asked me to ping all the docs on top of the self-addressed envelop
    6. I did that and they gave me a acknowledgement receipt and said the RC book will be sent in 20 days
    1. Do carry a thick Envelop. I had a thin one hence had to go out to buy it. Luckly right opposite to RTO office one guys was selling envelope with stamps in an omni car for Rs.30. I guess that his business and he would be also available till the RTO is open
    2. Carry a stamper to pin your docs
    Thanks to all you have posted information on this blog, it helped me in finishing this process in an hour without the need to multiple visits

  24. The information and the aspect were just wonderful. I think that your viewpoint is deep, it’s just well thought out and truly incredible to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts so well. Good job!

  25. Once your loan is repaid fully, you need to get your hypothecation cancelled at RTO office for which they charge Rs 100 as fees and the following documents are required:

    • NOC from loan provider
    • 2 copies of ‘Form 35’
    • Original RC
    • Self-addressed envelope

    With these documents with you, you can complete the formalities within 1 day.
    Want to have a car loan? Just log on to Car Loan
    and get it done on a single platform within few minutes.

    1. Here in Blr RTO at Indiranagar, every thing takes >30 days

  26. B-Extract can be collected from RTO or the Bangalore-One office (INR 18/-) which will indicate the status (By not having any entry of the Financier in item 4).

  27. Good info and very useful
    Today I visited Indiranagar RTO for the same, few tips - Cash counter is open till 2:30 (Monday to Saturday) and INR100 need to be paid to start the process hence need to plan your day accordingly. However other things can be processed till 5:00PM.

    Paid Rs. 30 for Return Address Envelop & Smart card Polybag (with ticket of Rs 17)

    I was late hence cash deposit window was closed. Will be going again tommorow.

    Really very happy to try on my own...

  28. One more thing - Windows are operational based on car registration number hence do not hesitate in asking someone for the applicable window for your car.

    If Car is less then one year old then PUC is not required.

  29. One thing to note is that Insurance certificate should be valid for atleast 30 days at the time of submitting the form for HP cancellation at RTO Indiranagar, Blr.

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  32. May someone tell me the process for Hypothecation cancellation if your current address has changed and falling into a different RTO than the one in which your vehicle was registered? The vehicle is registered in Indira Nagar, Bangalore RTO.

  33. I have submitted my RC for hypothecation Removal 2 months ago, still I havent recieve yet. I am having acknowledge slip with me.Please provide me gauidence If any one have faced same issue.

  34. Good information, I have question how to validate HP is cancelled for your car? Is their any process to get this validated from RTO officers it self

  35. Sir, i need to cancel my car loan hypotication, i have one question. this process can be completed in any banaglore RTO near my place (recently i have changed my address) or need to go to initial RTO at yellanka

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  37. Thank you for sharing such great information. It was very informative and has help me in finding out more detail about Car Loans!

  38. Could any plz let me know what are the docs i should carry for my car loan hypotication, currently I am staying in diff address than what is present in my rc card

  39. Thanks Bhargav.

    This is such an awesome piece of information. Helped me a lot to get things done without any confusion.

    However, there are a few updates that I would like to add after I went to the Indiranagar RTO for hypothecation removal on 26th April 2017.

    1. Verify your documents at counter number 11 in Room no:13. The officer will verify the documents and mark the amount to be paid.
    2. Pay the amount of INR200 for hypothecation removal at Room No:1(its not counter number 1, but room number 1 which is on the other end of the building. There they have a common queue for all payments).
    3. After fee payment, attach both the receipt copies with your documents (RC original, Insurance copy, NOC, Form 35 2 copies and the envelope with 17 Rs stamp). Staple them together.
    3. Present these documents to Counter No:11 in Room No:13 again. The officer will verify it and sign on it.
    4. Submit it to the counter no:7 in the same room. The officer will give an acknowledgement for receiving the documents (don't forget to collect this).

    That's it. All good. I was told it will take 30 working days.

  40. Submit application of hypothecation at RTO, Indira Nagar Bengaluru.
    It’s very simple process if you prepare all the documents and keep it in a file and ready. It took only 15 min for me to submit. I went there around 1:30 PM, and done by 1:45 PM. Not much crowd and process was fast.

    Documents Needed:
    1) NOC from bank and 2 copies of Form 35.
    When you close your loan account, need to give attention for below things otherwise you have to go again:
    a) NOC from bank
    b) Take 2 copies of Form 35
    (Download form from Govt website and take sign & stamp from bank
    c) Stamp on the form as a bank address (There is a space to give bank address)
    2) Original RC Book (It was smart card in my case)
    3) Copy of emission test certificate
    4) Copy of Insurance
    5) Self-addressed stamped envelope (You can get it from the shops in BDA complex)
    6) Get a small plastic bag to put the RC smart card. This is to staple the RC along with application. This is required if you have a smart card already (not required in case of book).
    7) Stamped envelope and plastic bag (cost Rs.1) for RC is available at ground floor store.

    1) Go to Room No 13, counter 9, Indira Nagar BDA complex RTO
    2) Get the NOC and Form 35 verified. They will write on the form how much amount you have to pay (In my case it was 200/-)
    3) Go to Counter 1 and Pay amount. (I had smart card already, not sure the fee is different if the RC is not a smart card)
    4) Come back to Room 13, counter 6 (Counter might change) and submit the application along with the documents mentioned above and the cash payment receipt. You will get an acknowledgement.

    The RC/Smart Card is supposed to reach home in one month time. (Smart card will be the same because hypothecation information will be deleted from the chip).


    Initially I was also thinking to give documents to an agent but they were asking much higher amount. One of my colleague had given his application to an agent and he got frustrated by calling again and again to agent. He got scared about the documents because we have to give original RC. Agent was not picking his call. He visited his office several times. After one and half month he got his RC but still he is in confusion that his hypothecation is terminated from the RC or not. He only suggested me to go directly. Luckily I was through directly in first attempt. I think if you have all mentioned document then RTO team will not trouble you. I suggest please try at least once yourself.

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