Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Yahoo Briefcase closing down

Yahoo Briefcase is finally closing down when I was hoping they would improve it to Web 2.0 standards and compete with the upcoming Microsoft Live Mesh or Google GDrive. I had been using it in my early days with the internet when that was the only place for safekeeping as well as sharing with friends. Used it for sharing my BTech Project code with my project partners. Used it for keeping backup of some of my important mail attachments.

Ever since Gmail came, I have not needed the Briefcase, Gmail was the one place where I stored everything. Sharing with friends was uncomfortable, but with unlimited space, you didn't care about how many times you mail the same files :).

I have not attempted using Microsoft Live Mesh yet. But tried eSnips for some time, but it was still not Web2.0 standard. Let's see if GDrive matches my expectations....