Friday, April 11, 2008

Last few days at IISc :(

Have been starting to think about what I will miss most once I leave IISc. Very few (and mostly involving music), but whatever I will miss, I guess it will be huge. And I can continue to have some things even after I leave.

  1. Rhythmica... First year in IISc, i wasn't very involved with Rhythmica. But, when I became the Music Club Convener, got really involved. Didn't participate much, but kept hanging in the music room while others were practicing. Have had a really nice time there. Even though I can't participate in its programmes, I definitely want to continue hanging out in the music room, which I can, if I have time off my job.
  2. Food at A-mess. Again, first year wasn't significant. 2nd year was quite significant, once I started hanging out with the Rhythmica guys.
  3. Department lab/sem hall... Exams/presentations mean spending nights at the sem hall or the lab. The sem hall belongs to the 1st years. So my first year, I spent most of my pre-exam/pre-presentation nights at the sem hall. pre-exam/pre-presentation nights during the 2nd year were mostly spent at the lab.
  4. The few times I went out with my class mates. I couldn't spend so much time with them in the second year, but had fun...

To be contd...