Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year Resolutions & Douglas Adams

I have been a great fan of Douglas Adams ever since I started reading his "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" six-book trilogy! I was such a crazy fan of the book that I had an index of my favourite parts of the book. I used to participate in online quizzes, conduct quizzes and post in online forums, and such... I have re-read the book an uncountable number of times - focusing specifically on the indexed pages. I recently listened to the audio versions of the book. Found some parts much more interesting than while reading. I also inspired quite a few friends to start reading his books. Whenever anybody asks me for book suggestions, that is the first book I suggest.

Recently, I listened to his posthumous book - "The Salmon of Doubt". This book is a collection of previously published and unpublished material, mostly content from interviews, introductions to his books, his views on technology, and god (he was a faithful atheist). I am now reading the paper book now.

One of the topics in this book is about his thoughts on celebrating the New Year (the New Millennium rather, since it was written in 1999). How, it is just another excuse to celebrate and has no other significant significance! Exactly, what are we celebrating it for, a change in the digits of the year?

Another thing he talks about is about New Year Resolutions which I completely agree with. Every end of year/beginning of the new year, we write down our resolutions on a piece of paper (I tried writing on it on an online document editor - Yahoo Notebook, then Google Notebook, recently Google Docs) only to forget where we wrote it until it is time for the next new year resolutions!

Only one New Year Resolution for me this year: No new year resolutions this year!!

Happy New Year 2012!


  1. There is now a proposal to unify the various calendar systems people use in different cultures.

    It's just a social convention, like birthdays. However, I do think it serves as a de facto checkpoint for personal introspection. For some people, anyway :)

    BTW, "Faithful Atheist" - oxymoron? :)