Saturday, November 05, 2011

Car Loan hypothecation cancellation/removal in Bangalore, India

Submitted my car RC book for cancellation or removal of hypothecation at Indira Nagar RTO in Bangalore. (I had completed my car loan repayment in July). 
1. Received NOC from financier, and 2 copies of Form 35.
2. Went to Room 13 with a copy of current car insurance and the NOC, the 2 Form 35 copies, the original RC book and a self-addressed envelope (with a Rs 12 stamp). 
3. One officer (counter 9) verified the documents and sent it to another counter for data entry. 
4. After data entry, I was asked to go to the Cash counter (Room 1) to pay Rs 300 as fees (Rs 100 for cancellation of hypothecation and Rs 200 for converting my paper RC to smart card).
5. Went back to counter 9 in room 13, the same officer verified everything and sent me to counter 6. 
6. At counter 6 (Inward & Despatch), another officer verified everything, filed everything and gave me an acknowledgement that they have collected my original RC for cancellation of hypothecation and convert to smart card. 
7. I will receive my new smart card RC in about a month.

Simple process, but took me 2 visits to the RTO. (I didn't know about the insurance and the envelope the first time).

Update: I received my new smart card by post in exactly a month! 

India Passport Tatkaal renewal in Bangalore

Tatkaal Passport Reissue Experience
Astonishingly simple passport reissue process in Bangalore. My passport was due for renewal mid-2012. But wanted to get it renewed by the Tatkaal mode early. Multiple changes in my passport details - Chennai->Bangalore, Single->Married, ECR->ECNR. 
Phase 1: Online
1. Register at
2. Fill the online form & Submit it. 
3. Upload 4 relevant support documents (pdfs). 
4. Apply for an appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) through the same website. Appointments can be booked only 1.5 days in advance. For eg., appointments for a Thursday open up only on Tuesday evening at 6PM. 
5. Print the Passport Application Receipt.
6. Carry the original and one photocopy of all support documents. 
In my case, the support documents were:
a. Address Proof: 
SBI Bank Passbook (with more than 1 year of entries). 
HR Letter mentioning that I am an employee and have been staying at the given address.
b. ID Proof:
IBM ID card
c. Marriage Certificate
d. ECNR Proof: B. Tech Degree certificate

There were a lot of blogs/discussions on the web that some affidavits are required for Tatkaal passports, but I didn't have them, and was not asked to present them. I understand that these affidavits are required only for fresh Tatkaal applications and not for reissue. 

Phase 2: In-Line - At the Passport Seva Kendra (Devarabeesanahalli, Bangalore), the experience was great! 
1. I reached the PSK 30 minutes before my allotted time
2. 3 queues for normal applicants, 1 queue for minors, and 1 queue for Tatkaal. Was 4th at the Tatkaal queue. Very short wait.
3. Very efficient people at the counters. Asked me for following in order
- Application Receipt (i)
- Passport Original (ii) and photocopy (ii.a.)
- Company ID Original (iii) and photocopy (iii.a.)
- Company HR Letter stating address original (iv)
- Other address proof - SBI Bank Passbook with more than 1 year of entries original (v) and photocopy (v.a.)
4. He put all photocopies (ii.a., iii.a., v.a.), application receipt (i) and HR letter (iv) in a file and returned all other originals (ii, iii, v). Process initiated. 
5. Waited at an airconditioned waiting lounge (clean toilets, coffee/tea, water) for around 30 minutes. This was when some pre-validation of my details was performed. 
6. After pre-validation, went back to the tatkaal counter to get a Token. I was T-2 now! The actual verification & process starts. 
7. Was called at counter A-21 (there are around 25 A counters). They verify the originals, scan the photocopies, scan my signature, take my photograph, take my finger prints. Paid Rs. 2500, received receipt.
8. Now onto counter B-5. (There were 10 B counters). An officer verifies my orinals, looks at my passport, says everything is fine, signs somewhere, puts some red marks everywhere on my photocopies. 
9. Now onto counter C-3 (There were 5 C counters). Another officer verifies everything, asks me to sign somewhere else. Stamps "Cancelled" on my passport, says everything is done and I can go! 
10. Finally, "Exit" counter. Showed my token, showed my fee receipt. They give me a printed letter saying application has been approved, with file number and all. All done! Received my new passport in 3 working days!! The only negative point at the end of all this, the post man (who delivered my passport) gave me a nice smile and waited for the usual... 

Police verification: This was not as simple as everything else.
1. My residence was supposedly in the "Hennur" police station, even though my post office is "Banaswadi". So, ensure to mention the right police station in the application form.
2. Since I had mentioned the wrong police station, it took some extra time for the police verification form to arrive at the right police station - in my case - Hennur
3. I received a call one day and was asked to come to the police station (nobody visited home to verify my address). 
4. When I went there, I was asked to write a letter requesting speedy approval of my verification. 
5. I was also asked some questions by the constable responsible for passport verification. 
6. After some time, I was taken to the inspector's room where the inspector asked me some basic questions. Finally, he signed somewhere in the form and asked me to leave.

I thought everything was done, but no! After a couple of weeks, another constable calls me and says he will visit my residence to verify if I really stayed there. This guy was really nice. Came home, filled some form, asked me to sign. Said thank you and left.