Monday, April 16, 2012

Kids' Stories - Learning ABCD the fun way

ABCD story for kids!

This is one of P-'s favorite stories.She enjoys it totally, and listens attentively till the end! This is how it goes...

A-for-Apple and B-for-Ball were going for a walk. There they met C-for-Cat and D-for-Dog. A-for-Apple asked C-for-Cat where they were going. C-for-Cat said they were going for an all-animals' meeting and asked if they would also come and witness it. All four started walking.

In some distance, near a river they saw E-for-Elephant. D-for-Dog asked E-for-Elephant if he was coming for the meeting. E-for-Elephant said he was waiting for F-for-Fish.

G-for-Goat was walking in the other direction, and on his head was a H-for-Hat. F-for-Fish asked G-for-Goat where he was going. G-for-Goat said he was going to the shop to get some I-for-Ice Cream and asked if they would accompany him. C-for-Cat said he did not want I-for-Ice Cream, but will instead drink J-for-Juice. As they were eating I-for-Ice cream and drinking J-for-Juice, they saw a K-for-Kite flying high above. At that time, L-for-Lion came there and asked why everybody was looking up. They said they were looking at K-for-Kite.

While they were looking up, they saw M-for-Monkey jumping from one tree to another and they were all wondering  why. When E-for-Elephant asked M-for-Monkey why he was jumping, M-for-Monkey said he saw an N-for-Nest and wanted to know whose it was. O-for-Owl came that way and said that it was her N-for-Nest.

Meanwhile, P-for-Parrot started shouting, "Q-for-Queen has come, Q-for-Queen has come". But it had started to R-for-Rain. So, everyone started hurrying into the S-for-Ship which was waiting there. At the same time, T-for-Train also arrived there. Since R-for-Rain was very heavy, they all opened their U-for-Umbrella and ran into the S-for-Ship and T-for-Train. Q-for-Queen looked at her W-for-Watch and got into her V-for-Van. Since she had a pain in her back, she got in to the V-for-Van to go to the hospital for an X-for-X-ray. In the V-for-Van, while she waited, she ate some Y-for-Yogurt..

Soon, the S-for-Ship and T-for-Train started moving. Just then, they saw an animal running and shouting "stop stop, wait for me!". What was this animal? It was Z-for-Zebra!

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