Monday, April 16, 2012

Kids' Stories - Learning ABCD the fun way

ABCD story for kids!

This is one of P-'s favorite stories.She enjoys it totally, and listens attentively till the end! This is how it goes...

A-for-Apple and B-for-Ball were going for a walk. There they met C-for-Cat and D-for-Dog. A-for-Apple asked C-for-Cat where they were going. C-for-Cat said they were going for an all-animals' meeting and asked if they would also come and witness it. All four started walking.

In some distance, near a river they saw E-for-Elephant. D-for-Dog asked E-for-Elephant if he was coming for the meeting. E-for-Elephant said he was waiting for F-for-Fish.

G-for-Goat was walking in the other direction, and on his head was a H-for-Hat. F-for-Fish asked G-for-Goat where he was going. G-for-Goat said he was going to the shop to get some I-for-Ice Cream and asked if they would accompany him. C-for-Cat said he did not want I-for-Ice Cream, but will instead drink J-for-Juice. As they were eating I-for-Ice cream and drinking J-for-Juice, they saw a K-for-Kite flying high above. At that time, L-for-Lion came there and asked why everybody was looking up. They said they were looking at K-for-Kite.

While they were looking up, they saw M-for-Monkey jumping from one tree to another and they were all wondering  why. When E-for-Elephant asked M-for-Monkey why he was jumping, M-for-Monkey said he saw an N-for-Nest and wanted to know whose it was. O-for-Owl came that way and said that it was her N-for-Nest.

Meanwhile, P-for-Parrot started shouting, "Q-for-Queen has come, Q-for-Queen has come". But it had started to R-for-Rain. So, everyone started hurrying into the S-for-Ship which was waiting there. At the same time, T-for-Train also arrived there. Since R-for-Rain was very heavy, they all opened their U-for-Umbrella and ran into the S-for-Ship and T-for-Train. Q-for-Queen looked at her W-for-Watch and got into her V-for-Van. Since she had a pain in her back, she got in to the V-for-Van to go to the hospital for an X-for-X-ray. In the V-for-Van, while she waited, she ate some Y-for-Yogurt..

Soon, the S-for-Ship and T-for-Train started moving. Just then, they saw an animal running and shouting "stop stop, wait for me!". What was this animal? It was Z-for-Zebra!

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  1. I think K-for-king is better then instead of K-for-Kite for kid's.

  2. then what about E-for-Egg? There is lots of reason I'm recommending it. We are talking about teaching words and practice of clear pronunciation E-for Egg is much better. Not only for that Introducing of the egg will gain interest towards kids of eating Egg because often time we found they don't like to eat eggs especially the yellow part. So when we introduce Egg first time they must ask (what is that) if they are hearing for the first time. more question like (its soo cute but how to eat, from where it's come) etc. well hope it's enough to make any sense.