Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Going back home:-)

It is the first time I am going back home after staying at IISc (almost a month).
3 days at home. How do I plan to spend the time?
1. Meet the people most important in my life (have been missing them badly).
2. Cousin sister's marriage (actual reason I am going home).
3. Get some stuff that I left behind the first time, because of lack of space.
4. Finish and submit some work assigned by a professor before Sunday.
5. Catch up with old friends in Chennai.
Miss out on badminton for 3 days :(
Not sure if 3 days will be enough for all this and more. Have been really looking forward for (or should it be 'to'?) this trip.
Let's see how it all works out.

Had typed the above text before I started... But couldn't post. Just returned to Bangalore today. And here is what happened at Chennai...

Actually, have done all of the above, but nothing satisfactorily.
Couldn't spend enough time with the people most important to me.
Couldn't help in the marriage arrangements and I felt really bad about that. But was really happy that my sister was getting married and gave her some brotherly talk:-)
Completed the assignment, but agin not satisfactorily.
Catch up with old friends. What? Joking???
It is probably the most unsatisfying 3 days in my life. And the reason? The assignment and what else? 2 days for the assignment. Crazy:-)

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  1. That's precisely y u shouldn't go to Chennai... or rather not be allowed to go..as in my case... :)