Friday, August 04, 2006

At IISc....

I have been at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore since last Sunday (30 July 2006). More than a week here. What have I been doing?
1. Attending lots of lectures organized by our seniors here (The top finance and consulting companies in the world)
2. Touring the huge IISc campus.
3. Playing Snooker/chess at the Gymkhana
4. Attending a Salsa workshop (great fun, will probably join Salsa classes)
5. Trying a leg at the DJ Night. Flopped miserably... And left the place early :(
6. Getting to know the 19 MBA and 6 research people at the Management department. Having fun.
6. Started classes since today
Found Statistics too huge for me...
MIS was OK..

I have a bad feeling that the academics is going to be tough. Particularly the parts concerning Mathematics.

Lets see. Hoping that the next couple of years are the best.

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